See Matthew McConaughey’s Adorable Vintage Prom Photo

Matthew McConaughey backstage with his Oscar on March 2, 2014

Todd Wawrychuk/AMPAS/Zuma Press

updated 08/25/2015 AT 8:16 PM ET

originally published 03/03/2014 AT 12:50 PM ET

He may be an Oscar winner, but 25 years ago Matthew McConaughey was just another awesomely awkward ’80s teen.

Shortly after the Dallas Buyers Club star took home the Academy Award for Best Actor, Twitter user Leah Pickett Tweeted a very special message to the first-time winner: “My aunt’s high school prom date just won an Oscar. Congrats, Matthew McConaughey!”

The Tweet soon spread across the Web, though not as swiftly as Ellen DeGeneres’s record-breaking selfie.

McConaughey attended Longview High School in east Texas, where he was named “Most Handsome Student.” He graduated in 1988.

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