Mia Farrow Liked a Lot About the Globes – and Really Didn’t Like One Thing

Mia Farrow in 2013

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updated 08/25/2015 AT 8:16 PM ET

originally published 01/13/2014 AT 2:00 PM ET

Like much of the world, Mia Farrow was Tweeting all through Sunday’s Golden Globes broadcast.

(In case you don’t already, Farrow, 68, is definitely worth following on Twitter: She Tweets everything from cat pictures to articles about global poverty. And sadly, while a Tweet about her and Philip Roth watching Sharknado was revealed to be a hoax, she did in fact watch the television epic at one point, Tweeting “Tomorrow I’ll pick up a chainsaw,” a reference to the film.)

In case you missed it, here’s a list of the things Farrow likes (or loved!) Sunday night – and the one thing she didn’t:

Mia Farrow likes flannel.

Mia Farrow likes Jennifer Lawrence.

Mia Farrow likes Alex Ebert’s hair.

Mia Farrow loves Robin Wright.

Mia Farrow likes Spike Jonze.

Mia Farrow likes Michael Douglas.

Mia Farrow likes Matt Damon.

And Mia Farrow likes Girls especially when the Golden Globes are airing a tribute to Woody Allen. Coincidence?

Probably not.

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