Dean Norris Reacts to Breaking Bad, BatDad & More of the Most Important Random Things Online

updated 09/20/2013 AT 3:00 PM ET

originally published 09/20/2013 AT 5:00 PM ET

If there’s one thing we all learned this week, it’s that pretty much everyone is freaking out about the ending of Breaking Bad.

In fact, #BreakingBad was a trending topic on Twitter for several days following Sunday night’s mind-blowing (get it?) episode. Even Dean Norris (Hank) had something to say – via a FunnyOrDie video (Spoiler, obviously).

And while people were live-Tweeting their reactions to the shocking show, BatDad was dispensing valuable advice, the ’80s came back, and more random stuff happened online. Check it out:

• Dean Norris Reacts to Breaking Bad
He proves that nothing can keep Hank down. Except a dome.

• BatDad Offers Fatherly Wisdom – in a Batman Mask – on Vine
Spoken in Christian Bale’s signature gravelly Batvoice, cautions his kids on the dangers of artificial sweeteners and putting Katie Holmes in your movie.

Here’s a compilation of his clever Vines:

• New Volkswagon Commercial Channels Iconic A-Ha Video "Take on Me"
Now you can relieve the ’80s – without the mullets.

• Adam Richman Loses 60 lbs. After Quitting Man V. Food
Next challenge? Trying to win over Winnie Cooper, because he now looks exactly like Fred Savage.

• i0s7 Came Out for iPhone – and Everyone Hates It
Even Miley Cyrus stopped taking selfies to complain about the software.


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