William Levy’s PEOPLE Covers: Which Do You Prefer?

William Levy

updated 04/11/2012 AT 5:00 PM ET

originally published 04/12/2012 AT 11:15 AM ET

Dancing with the Stars hottie William Levy will be waltzing his way to onto local newsstands this Friday in a white, open shirt and a smile that jumps off the PEOPLE cover.

But we couldn’t help but wonder what readers may have thought about another cover that didn’t make the final cut. In a second version, Levy, 31, wears a different shirt, a different expression and shows off a different (ahem) view of that amazing body.

So we’ve compared the covers, point by point, to help readers decide.

Pros of Levy in Blue

• The smoldering expression
Is he pensive? Angry? Thinking naughty thoughts? Who cares, it’s all hot!

• The chest-ab-arm placement
We get to see the contours of his clearly defined pectoral muscles, a glimpse at the abs, and an eyeful of that thick, strong forearm. Well done, photographer.

• The shirt choice
It’s no more than a frame for this man’s artful body. But you wouldn’t put a Picasso in an Ikea frame, so the choice of rugged, structured blue denim was spot-on.

Pros of Levy in White

• The ‘I’m Approachable’ Look
It’s a smile, but it’s also thoughtful, with an element of carefree. Levy’s face says, “Hi, I’m William. What shall we do today?”

• The left pec
Half of this man’s sturdy chest takes center stage on this cover: its contours, its strength, its golden glow it’s almost enough to distract from his beautiful brown eyes.

• The shirt choice
It’s the endless possibilities here that the shirt conveys. Is he about to take it off for a dip in the ocean? Putting it back on after working up a good sweat? Or perhaps that’s just the way he dresses around the house on a warm summer’s day.

So, tell us:


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