Like Foodie, Like Son for Tom Colicchio

Tom Colicchio

Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

updated 12/08/2009 AT 8:00 AM ET

originally published 12/08/2009 AT 8:15 AM ET

Like father, like son: Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio may already have a foodie on his hands with 4-month-old son Luka Bodhi.

“He’s definitely a big eater and loves to eat like me,” Colicchio told PEOPLE before joining Julia Roberts and John Krasinski on Monday for a game of celebrity charades at the Labyrinth Theater Company’s gala benefit sponsored by Entertainment Weekly in New York City. “He’s only on breast milk right now, and even at night time, when he wakes up, you just stick a bottle in his mouth or breastfeed him and he goes right back to sleep.”

Colicchio, 47, has already even tested his son’s palate by giving him a small taste of solid food.

“I put a little piece of bread in his mouth just to see if there would be a reaction from him, and I also took a bit of a strawberry once and put it on my fingers and had him taste it,” he said.

And what was the verdict from the cooking judge’s son? “He didn’t cry so I think he liked it,” he said.

As for being a new parent again, the Bravo star said “it’s easier the second time around” thanks to his first go-round as Mr. Mom. His first son, Dante, is now 16.

“We started off splitting the feedings and I change diapers and do the whole bit” said the hands-on dad. “With my first son, when he was born, I stayed at home with him. I was between restaurants so I spent the whole year with him. So I’m an old hand at it. There’s nothing like being a dad and I really enjoy it.”


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