POLL: Which Celeb ‘Cop’ Would You Like to Be Stopped By?

Victoria Beckham, Britney Spears and Beyoncé Knowles

INF, Jeremy Cowart/GSI Media, Steve Sands/Bauer-Griffin

05/09/2009 AT 11:30 AM ET

Ever have fantasies about being pulled over by a sexy police officer? Well, some famous pop stars seem to be channeling their inner patrolwoman by rocking the cop hat.

Beyoncé was the first to bring the uniform back in her “If I Were a Boy” video in 2008 in which she slams an offender on her patrol car as her crush ogles her fierce ways. Britney Spears donned a sexy cop getup during her “Circus” tour, reprimanding her cheating boytoy to her hit “Womanizer.” Most recently, Victoria Beckham took the trend off the stage and onto the streets en route from a flight from L.A. this week.

Tell us: Who would you rather get a citation from?


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