Mom Banned from Facebook for Posting Photo of Daughter Imitating Iconic Coppertone Ad

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updated 07/07/2014 AT 1:40 PM ET

originally published 07/07/2014 AT 2:45 PM ET

As this North Carolina mom recently learned the hard way, one person’s cheeky photo is another person’s child pornography.

Jill White, a photographer from North Carolina, recently took her two-year-old daughter to the beach, where she was inspired to imitate the famous Coppertone sunscreen ads from the 1950s.

Thinking the company would enjoy her homage, White posted the picture to Coppertone’s Facebook page. That, she says, is where her trouble started.

A Coppertone ad from the 1950s

After posting the image to the public fan page, White received notice that multiple users had reported it for being in violation of Facebook’s policy prohibiting nude and pornographic images. White says she was given the option to remove the photo, or change her privacy settings to hide the image from strangers. She refused, then found herself banned from the social network for 24 hours.

“No way did I think [the picture] would fit the criteria of nudity or pornography, and if you read the terms of use in settings nowhere does it state that this would be considered either,” White told Fox Carolina.

The social network insisted the removal was consistent with its community standards.

“It is hard,” a spokesperson for the company told Today. “With over one billion people using Facebook we have to put into place a set of universal guidelines that respect the views of a wide range of people.”

The Coppertone ad referenced in White’s photo has become polarizing in recent decades, with blogger Lindy West calling the Coppertone Girl “an oddly sexualized orange baby whose pants are eternally being eaten off by a dog.” New versions of the ad keep the girl’s modesty intact.

After her short ban was up, White followed Coppertone’s example: She put up another version of the offending image – this time with a smiley-face emoji covering the offending backside.

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