Humpty Dumpty Statue Sits on Wall, Humpty Dumpty Statue Has a Great Fall

The Humpty Dumpty statue at Oregon’s Enchanted Forest theme park

Courtesy Enchanted Forest

updated 07/11/2014 AT 9:00 AM ET

originally published 07/11/2014 AT 11:30 AM ET

The nursery rhyme proved right: Humpty Dumpty couldn’t be put together again.

But the owner of an Oregon tourist attraction vows to build Humpty anew.

Last weekend, two men planning a photograph jumped on the wall where the statue of rebar, cement, sand and plaster had sat for 40 years.

And, you know how it goes: Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

Sculptor Roger Tofte tells the Salem Statesman Journal Humpty was in too many pieces to fix, but the two men offered to pay for a new one. He says it will take a month to build.

The 84-year-old Tofte has been running the Enchanted Forest along Interstate 5 south of Salem since 1971. It’s 20 acres of rides and sculptures based on fairy tales and nursery rhymes.

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