More Stars Than Kimye’s Wedding? Reporter Gets Parade of Celebrities to Congratulate His New Wife

Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans with Joe Michalczuk in inset

updated 05/20/2014 AT 10:00 AM ET

originally published 05/20/2014 AT 1:50 PM ET

Talk about a work perk. Sky News entertainment reporter Joe Michalczuk used his job to create a star-studded wedding gift for his new wife.

In the months leading up to his nuptials, Michalczuk asked his famous interviewees to give his bride-to-be, Jenny, a quick shoutout. Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Kate Winslet and oodles of other celebs were happy to oblige, coming up with their own adorable messages.

“Hey Jenny, congratulations! You picked the right guy,” Zac Efron tells the camera to start off the clip.

The only celeb who couldn’t hold her peace seems to be Miss Piggy. Once Michalczuk gathered all the well wishes, he presented the final product to his wife on their wedding day. Jenny was happily surprised to see her union was blessed by a VIP list of famous faces.

Gena Gabrielle (left) and Taylor Swift

Courtesy Gena Gabrielle

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