4 Places You Can Vacation Like a Celebrity This Summer (PHOTOS)

Palazzo di Mare in North Miami

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updated 07/03/2014 AT 3:10 PM ET

originally published 07/06/2014 AT 2:20 PM ET

Americans generally like to celebrate Independence Day by doing the most American things they can think of, namely: waving flags, eating hot dogs and enjoying large, colorful explosions.

But, if you really think about it, all of these activities pale in comparison to the most American activity of all: Trying to live like celebrities, no matter the cost.

Fortunately, a number of properties previously inhabited by the stars are available to rent this summer. Below, find four places you can experience the lifestyle of the rich and famous – if only for a night or two.

One Direction’s Yacht

The Ohano Pacific, docked in San Diego

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What makes you beautiful? Staying on this luxurious San Diego yacht once chartered by Britain’s top boy band. The guys even posed for an adorable image, so maybe look out for some Michael McDonald influences on their next album.

Gwyneth’s Breakup Refuge

Indigo Mansion in the Bahamas

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If you need to consciously uncouple from the stresses of your life, why not relax in the same house in the Bahamas where Gwyneth Paltrow waited out the media firestorm that accompanied her split from Chris Martin? It’s right on the beach, affording you plenty of opportunities to recreate a certain music video.

The Kardashians’ Miami Getaway

Palazzo di Mare in North Miami

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How much does it cost to keep up with the Kardashians? Almost $9,000 per night, at least according to the listing for the North Miami mansion where the most famous siblings since the Andrew Sisters shot Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. It’s got eight bedrooms, big enough to house all the cameramen you’ve hired to get the full Kardashian experience.

Julianne Hough’s Vegas Pad

The Las Vegas home of Julianne Hough

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You’ll be dancing with the stars – or at least, under them – at this Vegas house once inhabited by Julianne Hough. It comes complete with a patio, pool and even a babbling brook, enough to ensure you won’t be leaving in a huff.

Arrendelle from Frozen (left) and Middle River Manor

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